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TPU Car Headlamp Blackening Protective Film
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  • Extensibility
  • Tear Resistance
  • Anti Scratch
  • Never Fade
  • Not Gluey
  • Contains UV resistance

Worried about the lamp film,
Will it become burnt and sticky after 1 or 2 years?

TPU comes from American technology transparent film, which incorporates coating.
One-time consumption also has the protective properties of the protective film, the extremely high brightness and anti-fouling properties of the coating.

  Choose the best product, the simplest self-make
  The same is a transparent film, do you know what transparent film you have attached?
  It’s not like there are stickers, but choosing inferior products will cost money and hurt the car!
  Extensibility ☑ Tear resistance ☑ Never fade ☑ Contains UV resistance ☑

  Give you the most effective protection beyond the gloss of the coating.
  The highest quality product.
  ✔️Light black/deep black/transparent three options
  ✔️High-quality lamp film (removable without falling glue)
  ✔️Protect the surface of the lamp shell to avoid the stone beating at high speed
  The most complete and practical protection-car paint transparent protective film

  1️⃣The film thickness is about 50 times that of the coating, and 1.5 times of the original paint.
  2️⃣Advanced intelligent repair technology, automatic repair of car wash fine lines when heated.
  3️⃣Super strong film material memory, deformation and heating recovery.
  4️⃣Foreign matter directly scratches the paint surface
  5️⃣The permissions are further enhanced, easily bounce off the jumping stone to protect the paint surface.
  6️⃣The brightness is increased again, easy and good maintenance.
  7️⃣ Time-saving-convenient and good maintenance, saving the time of waiting for round trip for beauty and waxing.

  The headlight will be as bright as new after 3-5 years!